Glenmark Gets its Grill on

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Glenmark – maker of the first individually quick-frozen burger developed for home use - has launched a sweepstakes drawing dubbed “Get Your Grill On … & Keep It On All Year!” Two grand-prize winners will receive a Weber Gas Grill (a $700 value), eight weekly prize winners will enjoy a year's supply of Glenmark burgers, and everyone who enters the drawing will receive a high-value coupon.

As a supplement to the sweepstakes, Glenmark vans are visiting retailers in Chicago and its suburbs this month and setting up grilling stations to offer a sample of the brand's signature products to passers-by. The promotion will also give away coupons, mini squishy burgers and 40th-anniversary cupcakes. Consumers who send a photo of their “Glenmark Celebration BBQ” for positing on the company’s Facebook page will also receive a high-value coupon for Glenmark burgers. 

“This anniversary is a very special event at our company,” said Dave Van Kampen, president and COO of Best Chicago Meat Co., the parent company of Chicago-based Glenmark. “We want our vans to reach a lot of people, and we’re excited to give away samples of juicy, flavorful Glenmark burgers.”

For its anniversary, Best Chicago Meat is introducing three new products under the Glenmark Premier Label line:

  • Angus Beef Chuck: 1/3-pound  burgers
  • Angus Mini Burgers:  2 -ounce burgers
  • All White Meat Turkey Patties: 1/3-pound burgers, 94 percent lean

“The ownership of the brand makes our company one of the leading frozen burger producers in the Midwest, and we’re really proud of that,” Van Kampen said. “We bring Glenmark an unparalleled level of quality while maintaining a good value for our customers.”

In addition to providing 100 percent USDA beef burgers, Glenmark serves its community by supporting youth sports programs, community events, and local and regional festivals.



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