Giant Eagle Launches TV Ad Campaign

PITTSBURGH -- Giant Eagle will launch a new television advertising campaign in key trade markets this week to promote its products and customer service.

The series focuses on enticing food presentation and uses actual Giant Eagle employees who are unscripted and in natural settings. The campaign was developed by The Richards Group, Giant Eagle's Dallas-based corporate advertising agency.

"Today's competitive landscape demands supermarkets differentiate themselves from the multitude of retailers offering food products," said Kevin Srigley, vice president of marketing for Giant Eagle. "Our new campaign focuses on those points of difference and demonstrates how Giant Eagle delivers the best variety of the highest quality fresh foods, while providing our customers unmatched customer service with knowledgeable, friendly employees."

Following are summaries of the six 30-second spots slated to run:

"Butcher" features one of Giant Eagle's meat department employees at work, Roderick Craighead of Pittsburgh. Against a montage of store scenes, meat cuts and in-store shots, Craighead candidly describes his 40 years of experience in the field and ability to "choose," "cut," and "cook" meat to perfection. Outside of the store, Craighead enjoys spending time with and barbequing for his large extended family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

"Pharmacy" highlights a Giant Eagle pharmacist/"dispenser of wellness" - Shannon Mesko of Pittsburgh. As a backdrop of medicines and store shots demonstrate this pharmacist both at work and at home helping her customers, she explains why she can provide top quality service, "I know my products. I know my people." Mesko enjoys helping the people she has grown up with in Cranberry community for the past 30 years.

The "maker of magic," spinner of sugar" and "designer of delight," Chrissy Tunison of Youngstown, Ohio, brings smiles to people's faces in "Baker." Images of towering cakes, fresh bagels and decorative icing flowers are interspersed with shots of Chrissy, the team of bakers and the delighted faces of children enjoying her creativity. Chrissy takes special pride in baking at home as well for her friends and family, helping to create lasting memories for their special events.

Rino Boreave, produce manager from the Cleveland area, demonstrates love for his work and the opera in "Produce." The spot cuts between images of Rino and the fruits and vegetables as he explains his ability to pick the best melon in the world and help customers chose from 20 varieties of mushrooms available at Giant Eagle. In his words, he can tell you how to "pick them and tell you how to cook them." When not at the opera, Rino loves to cook at home and specializes in eggplant parmesan-which he made on the set for the commercial filming crew.

Giant Eagle's commitment to giving back is born out in the spot called "Community." Tina Thomson, community relations marketing manager, and Vonni Woods, Director of Deli at company's Pittsburgh headquarters, join Adam Harrel of Columbus, Ohio and Craig Bills of Cleveland to explain how proud the company is to support the community year-round as images of computers, playground balls, food and classrooms are shown on the screen. "We were able to contribute 6,000 computers, 12,998 playground balls and 5 million pounds of food," notes Thomson. Collectively, the employees from this spot have more than 50 years experience at Giant Eagle amongst them and are wonderful examples of what community spirit means to the company.

"Anthem" includes all of the employees and elements featured in the series of six spots to convey not just the quality food that Giant Eagle carries, but also the neighborly spirit of its employees - people who love what they do, and do it well. Anthem will be the first spot to air.

"This campaign is unique in the category-and it's a conscious departure from traditional supermarket advertising," said Cally Bybee, creative group head for The Richards Group. "We demonstrate why Giant Eagle's customers come back week after week. It's not just for the best variety of fresh, high quality products customers find at Giant Eagle, but also for the real-life employees who enhance the shopping experience."
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