Get Your Goat

In response to growing demand from such ethnic consumers as Hispanics, Muslims and Caribbean islanders, Golden, Colo.-based Coleman Natural Foods, the country’s largest organic and natural meat company, has introduced Natural, Pasture Raised Rocky Mountain Goat, which is 100 percent sustainably farmed as well as humanely raised and processed. Coleman’s goats are pasture-raised in Colorado and Wyoming; free of antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, nitrates, nitrites and MSG; 100 percent vegetarian fed; and halal certified. Additionally, the naturally lean goat meat is sourced from pre-certified farmers, has received source verification, and is animal welfare- and food safety-certified by Steri-Tech. Available frozen cuts include leg, loin and rack in retail-ready packed bags, and shoulder/stew meat cubed and vacuum-packed in bulk. For further information, visit
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