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Geissler's Installs Electronic Shelf Labels

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Geissler's Supermarkets, Inc., a New England independent grocery chain, has implemented an electronic shelf labeling (ESL) system solution by StoreNext Retail Technologies, LLC at its store here, and plans to complete the expansion to the remaining four Connecticut stores by year's end.

Labor savings is the prime objective of the program, Geissler president Jim Nilsson told Progressive Grocer in an interview. "Connecticut State law says we have to price everything individually unless using an ESL system," he explained. "For us, that was requiring one full shift of a night crew employee per week, per store, just to change the labels. The ESLs free up all of that time."

This extra time can be deployed in other areas, according to Nilsson, or -- in the case of the pilot store -- a reduction of head count by attrition. "One of our night crew members retired, and because of the labor savings of the ESLs, we don't have to fill his position," he noted.

An added benefit is the price accuracy of the ESL system, according to Jim Ferris, an employee at the East Windsor store. "You don’t have to spend time going through the store and verifying prices," he said.

Pricer is the most feature-rich ESL solution on the market. It provides a unique solution that fully adapts to any retail need, with features including fast and reliable high-speed infrared communication technology and rugged, theft-proof labels that attach easily to shelf edges.

The system, called StoreNext's Pricer, was installed by StoreNext reseller Reliable Cash Register and operates on the same PC controller used for all other store applications, using infrared technology for two-way communication between the labels and the back office. The seamless tie-in with point-of-sale systems reduces price discrepancies in the store while making fast display changes possible.

Geissler's plans to install ESLs in its four remaining Connecticut stores by the end of the year. "The only store which will not have the ESLs is Massachusetts, where state laws mandate unit pricing," noted Nilsson.

-- Joseph Tarnowski
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