Full Harvest Expands Supply Chain Digitization to All Produce Grades

Online marketplace’s move aims to reduce food waste
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Full Harvest describes itself as the first B2B online marketplace connecting farmers with commercial produce buyers.

Full Harvest has expanded beyond surplus produce to all USDA Grade 1 produce on its online marketplace for commercial buyers and sellers. With the aim of fighting food waste by bringing the entire produce market online for greater efficiencies, the move boosts its reach to retailers, foodservice companies and direct-to-consumer distributors, among others.

While agriculture and food-related industries contribute more than $1.2 trillion to the U.S. GDP, and the fruit and vegetable market alone will exceed $96 billion in 2023, the produce industry is still predominantly offline. According to Full Harvest, a lack of accurate data and operational transparency due to offline inefficiencies are exacerbating the food waste problem. 

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Having already helped growers sell more than 85 million pounds of surplus and imperfect produce to date, Full Harvest has now digitized the entire produce supply chain to provide data and insights. The online marketplace aims to increase market matching and transparency to quickly improve bottom lines, shorten the time from harvest to production by shipping directly from farms, and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting produce.

Everything edible should be consumed,” asserted Christine Moseley, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Full Harvest, which bills itself as the first B2B online marketplace connecting farmers with commercial produce buyers. “We are on a mission to eliminate food waste in the produce ecosystem and create a more sustainable produce industry. While imperfect and surplus produce was an important first step, the entire produce industry needs to move online to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. At Full Harvest, we’re doubling down on our mission to help produce buyers and suppliers get the real-time data and access they need to make the produce supply chain smarter, more efficient and more sustainable – regardless of produce type or grade.” 

USDA Grade 1 is the primary produce grade used in the food industry to ensure consistent cosmetic and quality standards for consumers. Produce must meet stringent guidelines on shape, color, size, texture and quality to be designated USDA Grade 1.

Suppliers  and buyers can learn more about the marketplace online. 

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