FruitaBu, Kidfresh Team Up on Prepared Meals

Unique retail concept Kidfresh, which provides prepared meals for children, using exclusively high-quality all-natural and organic ingredients, and Stretch Island Fruit Co., makers of all-natural FruitaBu Organic Smoooshed Fruit snacks, said yesterday they have joined forces to offer the items as part of a packaged meal or as a snack selection.

"We created Kidfresh to offer healthy and convenient takeout options for parents," said Gilles Deloux, co-founder and c.m.o. of New York-based Kidfresh, in a statement. "With FruitaBu fruit snacks, we're allowing kids an easy way to get an additional serving of fruit."

Kidfresh breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners come either fully prepared, or as individual components that children can mix and match to customize their own meal. FruitaBu snacks contain one-half to a whole serving of organic fruit per package.

To launch the partnership, FruitaB, will host a "Join the Fruitolution" Tasting Party at the Kidfresh store and cafe on Manhattan's Upper East Side on Saturday, May 3. The aim of the event is to teach children age two through 12, as well as their parents, about the different varieties of fresh fruit and the importance of incorporating the daily recommended allowance of fruit into their diets through fun, interactive activities.

"According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 50 percent of all children 2 to 18 years old eat less than one serving of fruit per day," noted FruitaBu spokesman John Henry Siedlecki. "FruitaBu Organic Smoooshed Fruit was designed as an exciting way for children to get more fruit in their diets, and aligning with Kidfresh moves us even further in achieving this goal."

FruitaBu products, including Organic Smoooshed Fruit Flats, Organic Smoooshed Fruit Twirls, and the new Organic Smoooshed Fruit Sploooshers, are USDA certified organic, feature over 90 percent real fruit and fruit juice, contain only sugars found naturally in real fruit, and come in kid-friendly fruit flavors.

Stretch Island Fruit Co. is located in Grapeview, Wash.
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