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FreshDirect's Dayboat Fish Program Makes Waves; Organic Beef on the Way

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. - Just a few weeks old, FreshDirect's "Montauk Dayboat" fresh seafood program is now a permanent part of the online grocer's offering.

The program, which compliments FreshDirect's regular seafood offering, is a partnership with local fishing company Gosman's Dock, and consists exclusively of fish caught daily in the waters off Montauk. "The fishermen get in the boat, go fishing, and come back," John Boris, v.p. of marketing, told Progressive Grocer. "What customers get is fresh from the ocean."

Because of the fresh-caught nature of the program, availability changes hourly, and the FreshDirect e-commerce Web site is updated in real time as new catches come in and current catches run out. "You won't get anything fresher than this," said Boris.

Gosman's Dock was founded in 1943 by Robert and Mary Gosman on Montauk Inlet, two miles from the tip of Long Island. At the time, the Gosmans were fish packers and "fishdrummers" -- agents for the Fulton Fish Market. Their now-famous Gosman's Restaurant had its beginnings in Mary's tiny chowder stand, a breakfast stop for local fishermen.

Robert and Mary's children and grandchildren carry on the family business, shipping fresh dayboat seafood to restaurants, country clubs, and fish lovers local and worldwide.

For Labor Day FreshDirect is readying its grilling menu to market to the huge barbecue crowd, and offering specials such as its Lobster Bake -- a ready-to-simmer pack that includes lobster, Prince Edward Island mussels, littleneck clams, easy-peel shrimp, fresh corn, and potatoes - which Boris said is quite popular during holiday weekends.

In other news, by mid-October, FreshDirect expects to start marketing all-natural antibiotic-free beef. "We've offered organic and natural products for a while, in all different categories, including HBC, but this is one in particular that our customers have been asking for," said Boris.

-- Joe Tarnowski
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