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FreshDirect Expands to New Jersey

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. -- New York's leading online food manufacturing and delivery service, FreshDirect, has extended its services to a new state: New Jersey.

Residents of Jersey City, a growing urban community just across the Hudson river from New York City, are now able to select from the produce, fresh meat and seafood, prepared foods, and staple grocery items that FreshDirect offers. The company plans to expand its service to another New Jersey community, Hoboken, by the end of this month, a spokeswoman told Progressive Grocer.

With more than 2 million orders fulfilled in the three years since it opened for business, FreshDirect now serves the e-commerce shopping needs of food consumers in Manhattan, as well as parts of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens--and for the first time this summer, the tony Hamptons beach resort towns on Long Island.

"FreshDirect has become a fixture in the lives of New Yorkers, and we are thrilled to begin extending our service to New Jersey residents," said Steve Michaelson, president of FreshDirect, in a statement. "Our goal is to continually bring the freshest food products and highest quality of prepared meals to new neighborhoods, providing more and more people with the convenience of online fresh-food ordering."

In related news, FreshDirect's new fall menu, which is in the final stages of development, will include good-for-you prepared back-to-school lunches, the e-retailer's spokeswoman said. The lunches include antibiotic-free turkey sandwiches and organic cheese, and retail for $4.99 each.
-- Jennifer McTaggart
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