Fresh Harvest Products Marketing Branded Eco-Friendly Cleaning Equipment

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Fresh Harvest Products Marketing Branded Eco-Friendly Cleaning Equipment

Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. said yesterday that it has agreed to represent and grow a natural and biodegradable branded line of patent-pending bioremediation products, which are intended to replace harmful chemicals and acids with environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and nontoxic compounds that can be used to treat grease traps, wastewater, and septic tanks, among other applications.

Bioremediation is any process that employs microorganisms, fungi, green plants, or their enzymes to return a natural environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.

To begin with, the natural food company will offer the cleaning products for use by supermarkets, food-processing facilities, and the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels.

"We believe in the products, their unique technology, and the positive impact on the environment as a replacement to harmful and noxious products," noted Fresh Harvest c.o.o. Dominick Cingari. "We have worked to make sure that the product holds up to our high eco-friendly standards, and we believe that it has the potential to increase our revenues in fiscal 2009, while requiring minimal additional overhead."

Cingari added that Fresh Harvest is expanding its operations to include partnerships and alliances in both natural and organic food and other environmentally friendly products.

According to the company, use of the bioremediation products is expected to save its customers money, since the products are generally less expensive and reduce the maintenance costs.

Before finalizing the agreement, Fresh Market began a market test of the products with some of its existing customers, including a supermarket chain and several cafes. Although the test is still ongoing, the company describes early results as "favorable."

Citing a confidentiality clause in the agreement, Fresh Harvest declined to identify the bioremediation company's name.

New York-based Fresh Harvest Products sells, markets, and distributes natural and organic foods and beverages. Under the Wings of Nature brand name, it offers a line of organic snack products such as health bars, coffee bars, tortilla chips, and salsa. Additionally, the company provides a grocery product line that includes several varieties of whole bean and ground coffees, olive oil, and beverages.