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Formulaic to Fluid: Navigating the Digital Native Revolution

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Date: Tue, May 17, 2016, 2:00 PM EDT

Change is everywhere. How consumers interact with brands has transformed dramatically before our eyes and continues to do so. Every day, new technologies are evolving the shopping experience.

Forget the negatives typically associated with the word "promiscuity." It defines how the latest generations, Millennials (18-34-year-olds) and Generation Z (under 18 years old), are transforming the CPG sector. These groups of “Digital Natives” have  an openness — or an “uninhibited” attitude — toward products that generations before them have not exhibited. We’ll explore the drivers behind these attitudinal changes and how these powerful generations are changing the CPG grocery experience for everyone. Using the grocery channel as the lens for viewing these changes, we will challenge and create tools for participants to engage with the new generations.

How you will be inspired?
While most brands and retailers recognize the power and influence of the changing path-to-purchase landscape, in this session we will engage in discussion on purchase drivers and processes,and everything in between. We‘ll cover how Millennials and their younger counterparts are demanding more from specialty categories. We’ll closely examine one of these categories
functional beverage with Humm Kombucha Chief Strategy Officer Eric Plantenberg which will provide a real-world example of the fundamental changes the promiscuous shopper is bringing to the marketplace. 

During this session, we will: 
  • Examine the effect that Digital Native shopping habits have on brands and other consumer groups
  • Explore how the age of information is driving anxiety and promiscuity
  • Discover why unique value and shopping experience is leading the competitive edge, rather than a focus on superior products
  • Find out how the unpredictability of the Digital Native is forcing brands to abandon loyalty as the end goal
  • Learn how brands can provide customers with a reason to return in a new kind of marketplace


Eric Plantenberg, Chief Strategy Officer, Humm Kombucha
Eric commenced his role as chief strategy officer in mid-July 2015. He is a personal development expert that helps people and organizations hit goals and expand their thinking about what is possible in life. Eric has been with Jamie and Michelle since they first started brewing in the kitchen. He previously worked with the company full-time between April 2013 through the end of August 2014. Eric was instrumental in expanding distribution outside of central Oregon and led efforts capitalizing the company’s first brewery, assembling the board of directors and recruiting the existing management team. Previously, Eric was the co-founder and CEO of a premier personal development company. He spent 18 years working with Fortune 100 companies on topics such as leadership, goal setting and company culture. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Eric has completed four Ironman races and reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Phil Dance, Partner and Co-founder, Alter Agents
Phil has over 14 years of quantitative research experience. Committed to uncovering new insights and forging new brand directions, Phil believes research should be more than informative; it should illustrate new directions and opportunities. Phil’s quantitative experience spans a wide variety of project types, including: purchase path, brand tracking, copy testing, user experience and syndicated research.
Prior to Alter Agents, Phil worked as a research manager for both Hall & Partners and JD Power and Associates,  where he gained extensive research and management experience in a variety of industries, including: consumer package goods, technology, automotive, real estate and telecommunications.

Randy Hofbauer, Senior Editor, Retail Leader
Randy Hofbauer is senior editor of Retail Leader, where he helps plan, create and manage content across Retail Leader’s print and digital platforms, as well as represent the brand at key industry events. A journalist for more than a decade, Randy has spent almost all of that time covering CPG manufacturing and retail. He has authored many features on various topics critical to retail executives, as well as interviewed executives at a number of leading U.S. and Canadian CPG retailers, including 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Sobeys, Ahold USA and The Fresh Market.
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