Foodservice Equipment Trends

Three necessities for a successful supermarket foodservice operation are featured in this Trend Alert, including:

Hobart’s new Energy Star qualified CLeR conveyor-type warewasher, which uses Advansys Energy Recovery technology and Hobart’s patented, NSF-Certified Opti-Rinse systems to save foodservice operations up to $11,000 annually in energy recovery and water efficiency.

The Advansys Energy Recovery technology captures the warewasher’s exhaust heat and uses it to preheat the cold inlet water up to 110 degrees F, reducing the energy needed to reach the required 180 degrees F rinse-water temperature.

The new CLeR Warewasher uses Hobart’s patented, NSF-certified Opti-Rinse system, whose rinse-spray nozzle requires less than 50% of the water and energy of industry-standard fan-spray nozzles, with potential annual savings of $9,192. The unit is capable of cleaning and sanitizing up to 8,550 dishes an hour.

Featuring conveniently located, top-mounted microprocessor controls and large, hinged doors, providing easy interior access, the CLeR has singular components for easier, labor-saving cleanup. The warewasher’s small footprint means less floor space occupied, lower construction cost, and more room for staging.

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Thermodyne’s countertop electric food warmers use the patented Fluid Shelf technology wherein each shelf of the cabinet maintains an exact temperature, allowing for extended holding times without sacrificing appearance or taste.

Nine models are available, from units that hold up to nine standard 16” pizza boxes to ones that provide three or four shelf configurations complete with extra deep pans. Most of the countertop food warmers are available as pass through or with a solid panel back and include Thermodyne’s exclusive removable floating lid system.

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Tyco Electronics has expanded the Elo TouchSystems Interactive Digital Signage (IDA) portfolio of large-frame touchcomputers to include IntelliTouch and IntelliTouch Plus Multi-Touch surface acoustic wave technologies, doubling the size of the portfolio to six models.

The additions provide developers and customers more integrated, large format interactive display solutions. The IntelliTouch displays are available in 42” and 46” sizes while the IntelliTouch Plus multi-touch display is available in a 32” size. The additions deliver more critical choices for interactive displays specifically designed and manufactured to support public use, an environment that tends to be very harsh on touch systems. The panel technologies are scratch-resilient, protected by a durable steel chassis made from industrial-grade components to withstand constant interactivity in high traffic, public-access venues.

Optional high-performance integrated computer modules were introduced last year and are compatible with the new IntelliTouch displays. The modules are well-suited for running interactive media and are available with a choice of two performance levels. The computer modules are easily installed in field, sliding into a dedicated bay behind the touch display and are locked in place with two thumb screws.

IntelliTouch Plus leverages three axes of touch information to deliver sensitive, accurate and drift-free recording of two simultaneous touch locations anywhere on the screen regardless of position. Its technology is based on Tyco Electronics’ IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave product technology, which uses pure glass construction to deliver imagery via high light transmission, unaffected by ambient changes.

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