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Food Safe Signs Letter of Intent With DTG Industries

TORONTO - Food Safe International, Inc. has entered into a letter of intent with DTG Industries, Inc. to create RFID traceability and tracking solutions for perishable fruits and vegetables.

Specifically, Food Safe will work with DTG to industrialize iPico's unique dual-frequency RFID tags, readers, and middleware in perishable containers to provide full traceability from the field to the retail shelf. Food Safe and DTG will market and integrate the combined solution to global food producers, thus creating an integrated food source management, marketing, source verification system, and food safety process from the producer to the consumer.

Said Gordon Westwater, president of iPico North America: "We are intrigued by Food Safe's unique solution for safeguarding perishables, and we look forward to working with Food Safe and major U.S. grocery retailers and third-party providers in offering a complete and reliable traceability solution, along with Food Safe's current process, to ensure maximum consumer safety and satisfaction which will effectively protect our customers' operations, reputations and businesses. With the recent influx of mad cow and avian bird flu in North America, there is a heightened awareness to see complete and accurate tracking and traceability for all food products that make it to our shelves. In addition to the traditional supply chain savings, the Food Safe solution will provide a complete protection solution."

Food Safe's main goal is to eliminate food safety and sanitation issues, and provide methods to improve procedures to minimize risk and liability.
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