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Food Lion Chooses RTI Programmable ScreenKey Systems From Systech

TORONTO, Ontario - Systech Retail Systems Inc., a provider of technology solutions for retail, announced that it has received orders from Food Lion, LLC, for over 4,000 RTI SK-7510 Programmable ScreenKey Systems for delivery in 2002.

The SK-7510 system was developed by Rapid Technology Interfaces Ltd. (RTI) of Ireland, who have been working with Systech for over two years to implement and market this technology to North American retailers.

Systech's Software Group developed the software that allows the system to work with the IBM 4690 retail applications, which are used by Food Lion and other large retailers.

The SK-7510 incorporates RTI's ScreenKey technology into a programmable input-output system that allows cashiers to quickly drill down through layers of options, commands or menus in processing orders at the checkout lane. This improves operator efficiency and accuracy, minimizing errors and allowing macro inputs at a single touch.

Doug Miller, Food Lion's director of store systems, said: "We are implementing the SK-7510 as part of our aggressive technology refresh program for over 500 of our stores in 2002, to enhance customer service and improve operator effectiveness at the checkout lane. We believe this technology will enhance the checkout experience for our customers, and provide other significant benefits with respect to accuracy and cashier training. We are pleased to be working with Systech on this project, as our existing services relationship has been very positive. They are very responsive in accommodating our requirements and are working well with us as we improve and extend our store systems capabilities."

Systech currently has the SK-7510 in pilot with four other large retailers in the United States, and has also integrated the system with its OpenField store systems software.
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