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FMI Site Acts as Mythbuster for Grocers

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has introduced a campaign that aims to correct misconceptions about the grocery industry.

The trade association’s new online destination, “Supermarket Myths … Busted” is designed to help food retailers counter untruths that confuse shoppers and/or are perpetuated online.

"As the voice of food retail, we’re interested in breaking down common misunderstandings that could distract from the shopping experience – from the ways in which supermarkets do business to the safety of the food they sell," noted Sue Borra, SVP of communications and strategic planning for Arlington, Va.-based FMI.

FMI experts expect to update the website in response to visitor feedback, which will be aggregated through the site and funneled through the practice areas to receive a response. As each new myth is addressed in October, FMI will use the hashtag #SupermarketMyths to engage its social media followers regarding truth in food retailing.

Among the myths currently addressed on the site:

  • Grocery industry revenue is slowing (Consumers are shopping more retail channels than in the past).
  • Grocery stores subtly manipulate consumers into spending more (Grocers cultivate customer loyalty through establishing trust, providing quality goods and offering exemplary customer service, as well as through offering low prices).
  • Grocery carts are germy (Grocers provide antibacterial wipes and even steam-clean carts in response to shopper concerns).
  • Product dates are often manipulated so supermarkets can make more money (It’s against federal regulations for a retailer to change a manufacturer-applied product date).
  • Food retailers are irresponsible when it comes to food waste (Not only is more than 40 percent of wasted food from grocery stores donated or recycled, but many grocers are working to reduce their environmental footprint and address hunger through the Food Waste Reduction Alliance).
  • Shoppers should beware of the produce mister (Properly maintained misters prevent wilting, dehydration and shrinkage of fruits and vegetables).


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