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FMI Launches Obesity Web Site

WASHINGTON - The Food Marketing Institute yesterday launched a comprehensive Web site that addresses the important issue of obesity from the consumers' perspective.

The site is divided into three major sections: Obesity; Weight Loss, Weight Control and Dieting; and Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle.

"With the majority of Americans being classified as 'overweight' or 'obese,' we found it important to design a tool to help FMI members and their customers explore the many components to this epidemic," noted Dagmar Farr, FMI group v.p. of legislative and consumer affairs, in a statement. "Consumers seeking answers now will have a central resource to consult for the information that they need."

As well as defining obesity in children and adults, the site lays out the health risks and economic costs of obesity. It permits users to determine if they are at a healthy weight and features the National Institutes of Health's key recommendations for treating obesity. The site also lets users gather such personal information as their recommended caloric intake and body mass index. Additionally, confused consumers can look up information regarding carbohydrates, calories, and trans fats; find out how diets work; and read a comparison of some of the hottest current diets.
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