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FMI and National Council on Chain Restaurants Collaborate on Animal Welfare Program

WASHINGTON - The Food Marketing Institute and The National Council of Chain Restaurants on Monday announced a collaboration on efforts to further develop and support industry policies and programs to strengthen animal welfare and food quality.

"Animal welfare is a concern of the entire food retail industry," said Terrie Dort, NCCR president. "Over the past year, the members of FMI and NCCR have developed strong programs on animal welfare issues. We believe combining our efforts will result in meaningful animal husbandry practices and humane processing."

"FMI and NCCR share a commitment to comprehensive animal welfare policy and programs that are measurable and sustainable across the industry," commented FMI President and CEO Tim Hammonds. "Together we are working with suppliers in the producer community to ensure best practices are communicated and that we are guided by science-based policies."

The five specific goals of these combined efforts include:
* Consistency across the retail sector
* A measurable audit process
* Implementation of practicable and attainable guidelines
* An ongoing advisory council of third-party animal welfare experts
* Improved communications across the supply chain on animal welfare issues.
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