Floss Leader

Smart Floss® is debuting a biodegradable dispenser, a move the product’s manufacturer, Honolulu-based Dr. Tung’s Products, thinks will be good for sales as well as the earth. “Until now, if someone tosses their empty floss dispenser into the garbage, it takes up to 100 years to degrade,” said Dr. Tung’s CEO Colin Davis. “Using leading-edge technology, our new containers turn into food for microbes -- they become biomass within only one to five years … [N]ow [the item] is better both for [consumers] and for the environment.” The technology keeps the container stable in both the store and the bathroom, so shelf life isn’t affected at all. Easily recognizable by its colorful round dispenser, Smart Floss uses natural flavoring and a combination of vegetable and beeswax, rather than the petrochemical waxes employed by conventional supermarket and drug store brands. The product’s name comes from its ability to expand into interdental spaces during use. A 30-yard length of floss retails for a suggested $3.99. To learn more, visit www.drtungs.com.
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