Florida Winn-Dixie Pulls Soymilk Off Shelves in Investigation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Winn-Dixie supermarket in Spring Hill, Fla. pulled Silk brand soymilk off its shelves this week after a local couple told authorities they found a foreign object in one of the half-gallon cartons they had purchased.

The object was smaller than a dime, dark, and had flesh-like features, a spokeswoman for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office told local reporters.

A preliminary investigation conducted by the sheriff's office found there was no obvious evidence of product tampering, said the spokeswoman. The office's investigators are waiting for lab results to learn more about the case.

Winn-Dixie officials on Wednesday began to quarantine all Silk boxes at the Commercial Way store while an investigation began, according to local reports.

"Food safety is a top priority," said Dennis Wortham, communications manager for Winn-Dixie. "We take these situations very seriously."

This is the second incident in Spring Hill in two weeks involving food product investigations, according to local reports. On March 11, a Spring Hill woman claimed she found a medicine capsule in a container of Minute Maid fruit punch purchased at the Publix on County Line Road.

Publix officials voluntarily pulled Minute Maid fruit punch boxes with the same lot number from store shelves, according to reports.

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