Finger Scans Most Trusted Form of Payments, Says Study

HERNDON, Virg,. -- Three out of five U.S. consumers say they believe that the unique image of their finger is the most difficult form of identification to forge or steal, according to a recent survey commissioned by biomentric payment systems provider BioPay here.

The survey found that consumer confidence in biometrics far exceeds confidence in other forms of identification. Fifty-one percent of Americans surveyed said they believe that finger images are a more secure form of identity than passports, credit cards, photo IDs, birth certificates and signatures combined.

Sixty-three percent of women under the age of 44 showed the most confidence in the use of finger image technology, 15 percent more than men of the same age.

Americans might be concerned about identity theft, but when it comes to day-to-day transactions, the survey showed that one in three prefers the least secure form of payment: cash.

It's not only the protection of privacy that concerns consumers about payment options. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed blame long check-out lines on people who wait until the last minute to find their credit or debit card. Another 20 percent believe check writing is burdensome to the shopping transaction as well.

"There is a great deal of routine and consistency in the American form of retail payment," said Walter Hamilton, chairman of the International Biometric Industry Association. "However, this research begins to tell a story of America's waning comfort in traditional forms of payment fraught with fraud and their openness to biometric-based payment technology that delivers more convenience and security than what's available in the marketplace."
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