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Federal Government Approves Pharmacy Care Alliance Prescription Drug Card

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The Pharmacy Care Alliance, a partnership between Express Scripts Inc. and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, on Thursday announced that its prescription drug discount card was approved by Medicare. The new Pharmacy Care Alliance Medicare Drug Discount card, which can help Medicare beneficiaries reduce their drug costs by as much as 40 percent on generic drugs and 20 percent on brand name drugs, was designed by pharmacists.

The Pharmacy Care Alliance drug discount card will be available at all participating network pharmacies to all Medicare beneficiaries in the U.S. and its territories, except for those who have prescription drug coverage under certain state medical assistance programs such as Medicaid. Medicare beneficiaries can begin enrolling for the discount card in May. The card is designed to help enrolled beneficiaries with prescription drug costs until Medicare begins providing prescription drug benefit coverage, anticipated to begin in January 2006.

"We are pleased to receive Medicare approval of the Pharmacy Care Alliance drug discount card as it will allow us to serve Medicare beneficiaries across the U.S. by providing them with safe and affordable access to their prescription drugs from health care professionals they know and trust -- pharmacists," said Mary Ann Wagner, consumer health advisor and president of the Pharmacy Care Alliance.
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