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Farmer Jack Reinforces 'Thinking Fresh' Message

DETROIT - Farmer Jack Food Markets, an operating unit of the Montvale, N.J.-based Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., has moved to the next step of freshness by asking customers to "Take the Fresh Challenge," which urges that if a customer finds a product in the store that is not fresh or is out of date, it will be replaced free.

In June 2003 Farmer Jack Food Market launched "We're Thinking Fresh," a positioning initiative that Mike Carter, division president called "highly successful with our customers."

The next generation of Farmer Jack's "Thinking Fresh" program builds on the Farmer Jack initial promises, which include:

-24-hour in-store fresh ground beef

-Meat cut to one-eighth-inch trim

-The best local produce from the best local farmers

-Try it before you buy it

Calls placed to Farmer Jack's requesting further clarification of the program's specifics were not returned, but a press release says the Fresh Challenge "assures the customer that Farmer Jack is serious about freshness. Store associates have removed all products from shelves and inspected each to ensure that no product is out of date. Extra care is being given to the produce department so that no fresh fruit or vegetable is damaged in handling. If the product is not fresh, it will not be put out for sale. That is the Farmer Jack commitment. If you find a nonfresh product before it can be removed from the selling floor, Farmer Jack will replace it FREE! That's the guarantee.

"The same holds true with meat, bakery, dairy, seafood, or any other products in the store. If it is not fresh, Farmer Jack will not sell it. And if you, the customer, find a product that isn't fresh, and bring it to our attention, we will replace it FREE! That's the Fresh Challenge."

Farmer Jack runs 88 locations in Southeast Michigan and Ohio.
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