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Farmer Jack Adopts New Freshness-Guarantee Programs

DETROIT - Farmer Jack Food Market has announced a variety of freshness guarantees and shopping conveniences as part of its newly-launched "We're Thinking Fresh" initiative, designed to transform the entire chain into a fresh new atmosphere focused entirely on customer service and fresh food products.

During a news conference on Friday, Mike Carter, president of Farmer Jack Food
Market, announced the following new initiatives that offer a money-back refund if customers are dissatisfied:

The meat department, as a particular focal point of the satisfaction guarantee program, will prepare ground beef several times daily and sell it within 24 hours, a promise exclusive to Farmer Jack. Meat is cut with an 1/8" trim, and specialty cuts of any variety are offered at no charge.

Produce is another area where freshness and variety have been enhanced beyond Farmer Jack's existing quality standards through a series of repeated inspections in the field, warehouse, and store

A companion program in the produce department will also encourage customers to sample produce in the store by request in what Farmer Jack calls its "Try it before you buy it" program aimed to expose customers to taste produce items they may have been reluctant to try otherwise. Further, Farmer Jack says it will purchase locally grown produce wherever possible.

Throughout the store, Farmer Jack now provides a freshness guarantee on dated products. If customers find an outdated product, they can receive a fresh similar item for free.

Farmer Jack has also eliminated its Bonus Savings Club card that formerly enabled customers to obtain advertised specials in favor of an every day low price position. Farmer Jack, however, will continue use of the Bonus Club Card for its Baby Bonus Club, ClubMom and U Promise programs.

"Farmer Jack Food Market is confident its customers will sense a significant positive enhancement in every aisle, targeted toward freshness and value, supported by helpful and caring staff," said Carter.

A new advertising campaign with a humorous twist will promote the freshness guarantees and customer-service orientation to support the "We're Thinking Fresh" outlook of Farmer Jack. The campaign was developed by Rethink, a Vancouver-based agency with particular expertise in retail food advertising.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Farmer Jack is an operating unit of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.
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