Expert Column: 9 Ways to Offer 1-to-1 Customer Experience


Ready to create a 1-to-1 customer experience across channels? Nice work! This article will give you the confidence to move forward with technology in a big way, providing easy examples of how to achieve personalization in every department, whether marketing, sales or customer service.

One of the most amazing -- and most promising -- things about personalization is that you can offer it to your customers across their journey, whether at their computer, at a brick-and-mortar front door or at the shelf. So check out these examples and get ready to make a big impact.

Digital Circular

Make your digital circulars personal by prioritizing items on sale that your loyal customer has previously purchased. Next, achieve a cross-sell by showing items on sale that are most similar to products previously purchased and tell them where they are in the store.


Once a customer has added an item to their shopping cart or list, recommend a complimentary item. Use this same strategy within the catalogue view or product pages of your website. This tactic can lead to a profitable up-sell and a possible new loyaly buyer of the up-sold item.


Make a personalized experience easy for your customer to, well, experience! Don’t require a customer to visit a separate page to see the week’s circular. Simply place widgets on your homepage that feature the most relevant three-to-five circular items for each visitor, based on their purchase history, with a link to the full circular section.


Send a weekly email to your loyal customers recommending the most relevant sales items for each individual. Toss in a few items a customer might be “running low” on to increase cart size. Make it easy to interact with each product, and you’re in business.

Digital Catalog

Make your digital catalog personal by sorting products uniquely for each customer. It’s easy: recommend your customer’s favorite cheese at the very top of the dairy section.


Leverage what you know about customers' past purchases to tailor search results. So, if your customer is searching for cheese, show them their favorite cheese brands!

Push Notifications

Make push personal. Tailor a message with the specific number of items a shopper has previously purchased that are currently on sale, “Hey Chris! There are 15 products on sale you’ve purchased before.”


Master the in-store experience by delivering 1-to-1 content with Bluetooth 4.0 Beacons and push notifications. Recommend a product when a customer enters an aisle based on their purchase history, like Udi’s chocolate chip cookies, when they enter the gluten-free aisle.


Use recipes as a way to up-sell. When a customer views a previously purchased item that’s currently on sale, show how they can add a few more products to complete a recipe or a meal.

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