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EXCLUSIVE OP-ED: Giant Co. President Shares Details About Supermarket Employee Day

Feb. 22 is a time to recognize employees at every level for the work they do feeding families and enriching lives
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Supermarket Employee Day 2023

FMI – the Food Industry Association has once again proclaimed Feb. 22 as Supermarket Employee Day, a time for the food industry to recognize the millions of supermarket employees and food manufacturers nationwide, at every level, for the work they do feeding families and enriching lives. From adults advancing through the ranks to store leadership positions to students working their way through school, or to recent retirees looking for a part-time opportunity, supermarket employees include all demographics from all walks of life. They are a talented and diverse group always eager to take care of each other, their customers and their communities.

The value of the vital service they provide was certainly brought to the forefront over the past several years as supermarket employees were faced with unprecedented supply chain disruptions, major weather events, and a global pandemic.

However, all of this reinforces the role supermarkets play as a cornerstone of our local communities, and the people who work there every day help connect families, create healthier communities, and grow local neighborhoods. Like any industry, there are certainly challenges, but the dedication to customers and communities never wavers as supermarket employees continue to demonstrate how nimble, agile, and resourceful they can be.

At The Giant Co., I have the opportunity to see nearly 36,000 team members come to work each day who are dedicated to exceed our customers’ expectations no matter where, when, or how they shop. Whether it is stocking shelves, catering a special event, or fulfilling an online order, our team members are providing families with essential services to help them through their busy and hectic everyday lives.

Team members are also members of the communities they serve. They regularly take time to volunteer throughout the year, assisting local food banks replenish shelves, restoring parks and green spaces, and packing backpacks to ensure all in our community have the nutritional resources they need.

Our team members are the foundation of The Giant Co. We have long been committed to investing in and creating a caring and supportive work environment to allow them to thrive personally and professionally. Our teams are essential to the company’s growth and why we have been able to proudly serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for nearly 100 years.

This Supermarket Employee Day, and every day, we say thank you to all grocery and supermarket employees for all they do to make a difference in the communities they serve.  While shopping at your local supermarket, I hope you join us, along with our fellow industry colleagues, by taking a moment to say thank you to the talented teams who help bring food to our tables each and every day.

[Editor's Note: Progressive Grocer is a sponsor of FMI's Supermarket Employee Day]

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