Epicurious.com, Juice Wireless Launch Digital Menu Messaging

NEW YORK -- Food and recipe Web site Epicurious.com, in collaboration with Juice Wireless, a creator of consumer-friendly mobile applications, has launched Epi to Go 2.0, which gives busy consumers the ability to send recipes and complete shopping lists directly to Web-enabled mobile devices. The user may retrieve the message while shopping in the supermarket.

In November 2005 Juice Wireless won the Mobile Marketing Association's "Best Use of Mobile Marketing in North America" for its Epi To Go mobile recipe and shopping application.

Like the first version, Epi to Go 2.0 lets users access, search, and view Epicurious' extensive recipe library via mobile phone. Recipes can be structured as ingredient and shopping lists, making consumer's shopping experience easier, faster, and more organized.

Among the enhanced features of Epi to Go 2.0 are:

--My Recipes: Consumers can send their favorite Epicurious.com recipes directly to their mobile phones for easy access while actually in the store.

--Consolidated Shopping List: Epi to Go 2.0 automatically consolidates the ingredients from all the recipes sent to a mobile device into one comprehensive list.

--Menu of the Week: This new feature offers suggestions for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, as well as their ingredients and preparation instructions.

Epi to Go 2.0 eliminates the need for shoppers to write long lists or take recipes with them; the items are available wirelessly on consumers' mobile phones at no extra cost beyond traditional mobile Internet access charges.

"In a world of extensive wireless devices and fast-growing wireless Internet use, consumers want information instantly and at their convenience," noted Juice Wireless chairman and chief creative officer Nick Desai in a statement. "Epi to Go 2.0 is an example of a smart innovation that can make a big difference in the lives of people everywhere."

Epi to Go 2.0 also provides highly targeted advertising channel for Epicurious.com's many advertising partners. The advertising engine enables the site to match specific advertisers to relevant recipes, allowing these advertisers to deliver contextually meaningful messages to consumers when they're shopping for those products.

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