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Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds<br />Dark Chocolate Flavor

Here's a surprisingly good new product with a schizophrenic ingredient profile: The cocoa almond aroma is very appealing, and the cocoa flavor doesn't overpower the almonds at all -- we think it's great for people to snack on nutritious nuts instead of unhealthy alternatives -- but we wish they would have used sugar or stevia as a sweetener instead of the chemical sweeteners on this ingredient list. That said, these nuts are a great alternative for people who are addicted to M&Ms or any chocolate bar with nuts -- they're just as satisfying and are better for you. Retails for $6.69/11 ounces.
Taste Value Health Ingred Prep na App Pack Total
27 18 14 12 10 5 5 91

Diamond Foods, Inc.
Stockton, Calif.
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