ECRM Launches Ad Data Tracking Website

Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM), a provider of business innovation and promotional data, has launched its ECRM Data website which offers turnkey solutions for promotional tracking and analysis functions.

Through client feedback, ECRM developed ECRM Data as an extension of the Ad Comparisons promotional tracking and analysis platform. In addition to the traditional tools offered through Ad Comparisons, ECRM Data is designed to include a variety of search functionalities, reporting capabilities and offers an enhanced user experience to better suit client needs.

“We believe this solution will truly influence the industry in a substantial capacity,” said Scott Whalley, SVP of analysis and software services for Solon, Ohio-based ECRM. “It is the ideal workspace for our current and future clients to evaluate promotional campaigns from all angles while considering the ways in which emerging technology plays into those decisions.”

ECRM Data now includes a variety of report criteria selections which are displayed on a single page of the interface rather than scattered throughout multiple tabs. The new criteria options include robust rolling time periods, a vast selection of media types and several market selections all of which were not available within the previous Ad Comparisons website.

Further, reports are clearly defined to guide users to the data they are looking for and additional filtering options drill down to give deeper and more focused evaluations of the promotional landscape. Reoccurring reports can be scheduled by the user or an ECRM representative, which are delivered automatically based on the defined schedule and offer users a standardized evaluation process.

The complete lineup of the tools offered through ECRM Data includes:

  • Ad Comparisons: Evaluate analytical reports that are more accessible and tailored to client needs
  • Social Analytics: Analyze how a marketing message is perceived through social platforms.
  • POS Analysis: Tie in POS data with powerful reports for deeper marketing campaign evaluation
  • Consulting: ECRM’s specialists use their industry experience to improve promotional campaigns

“The services ECRM Data offers can efficiently heighten the analytic capabilities of any company by using clear and concise data to evaluate promotional effectiveness and to justify future advertising decisions,” Whalley said.

ECRM provides business solutions by integrating process, vision and technology. It unites retailers and suppliers of the consumer packaged goods industry at Efficient Program Planning Sessions also known as EPPS events.

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