ECRM Announces New Foodservice Category

ECRM, known for its category- and season-specific Efficient Program Planning Sessions events, has introduced a new sector to its 2011 event schedule.

After the success of its first foodservice event in July 2010, Ohio-based ECRM decided to expand the segment. The category will target foodservice at retail, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, entertainment parks, hospitals, schools and other institutions, as well as retail prepared foods and meal solutions.

Some of the current shows scheduled for 2011 include Meal Solutions for Convenience Channels, Foodservice at Retail & Take-Away Channels, Institutional Foodservice, Foodservice Equipment & Technology, Southern Regional Food and Beverage, Northeast Regional Food and Beverage, Western Regional Food & Beverage, Midwest Regional Food & Beverage, Whole Meal Solutions, and Wine, Food & Spirits planning sessions, and sourcing reviews in the United States, Italy, Spain, France and Argentina.

Other international foodservice-focused events will include Japanese Fresh & Food Service, Latin American Food, Latin American Meal Solutions, and Indian Fresh & Food Service.

Additionally, ECRM hosts events in the grocery, general merchandise, health and beauty care, packaging and pharmacy categories. The company has hosted more than 600 events since 1994.

For more information, visit or contact Robert Allen (772) 678-6310 or [email protected].

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