Earthbound Farm Nets Fresh-Cut Produce Award

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA -- In recognition of its pioneering industry leadership, Earthbound Farm has been given the 2005 Fresh Cut Produce Award by the International Fresh Cut Produce Association.

The honor came on the heels of a Healthy Food Award the brand garnered from Health Magazine. Earthbound Farm was the first company to successfully launch prewashed, packaged salad for retail sale.

"The pairing of the IFPA and Health Magazine awards highlights our climb from a small organic farm to one of the industry leaders," said Drew Goodman, co-founder, president and c.e.o. of Earthbound Farm.

The full line of the company's grab & go salad kits -- now available in major supermarkets and health food stores across the nation -- were prominently highlighted by Earthbound Farm at the recent FMI/United show in Chicago.
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