Earth Fare Launches Healthy-Lifestyle Magazine

A year after introducing the Live Longer with Earth Fare campaign, the specialty organic and natural food grocery store has debuted The Clean Plate, a guide to clean eating Clean and living more healthfully.

The publication gives readers background info on products before they end up on store shelves, scientifically backed evidence for the importance of diet, and how to transition to clean eating by following Earth Fare’s Food Philosophy. The first edition of the magazine, available in stores and online, kicks off with an explanation of the importance of clean eating, as well as a message from Earth Fare President and CEO Frank Scorpiniti.

“Navigating a complex food system is difficult,” Scorpiniti observed in the message. “We believe that food is key to living a happier, healthier and longer life. Let The Clean Plate be your guide.”

The Clean Plate highlights every category of the store, describing Earth Fare’s approach to meat and seafood, pantry staples, prepared foods, bakery, specialty, and wellness and beauty products. Topics include the dangers of eating animal products treated with antibiotics and why shoppers should purchase “cleaned-up” cleaning supplies. The magazine also features new Earth Fare private label products, which offer healthy profiles at affordable prices. Among the new items appearing in the magazine are naturally flavored sparkling waters, organic frozen riced vegetables and organic kid-friendly cereals.

“At Earth Fare, we believe that healthy food should be accessible to all Americans,” said Scorpiniti. “The Clean Plate not only showcases the breadth of selection available at Earth Fare, but also illustrates how best to incorporate those products into our everyday lives. One year ago, we made a commitment to help Americans live a happier, healthier lifestyle, and The Clean Plate demonstrates our commitment to educating Americans on the important health aspects of what we put in our bodies.”

Along with the new publication, Earth Fare furthers its clean-eating objectives through a line of more than 1,100 private-brand food products containing only non-GMO ingredients, the value-focused Clean Food Security meal planner, a Food Philosophy addressing every product sold in its store, and a Boot List of ingredients the company's products don't contain.

Asheville, N.C.-based Earth Fare has 44 locations in 10 Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states.