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Dorothy Lane Markets Gives a Personal Touch to Loyalty Members

NAPLES, Fla. - "Our best continuity program is just running a good store," Amy Brinkmoeller, MIS dir. for Dayton, Ohio-based Dorothy Lane Markets said Tuesday during her presentation here at the Global Electronic Marketing (GEMCON) 2004 event.

During her presentation, Brinkmoeller outlined how Dorothy Lane segmented customer data from its Club DLM loyalty program into various levels, giving increased amounts of personal service to customers with increasing purchase levels.

Members of Club DLM received monthly newsletters with "Wow" coupons, targeted postcards, and exclusive promotions such as car giveaway raffles and local concerts. In addition, 25 members a month receive handwritten thank you cards. "Most people hate computer-generated personal letters, so when they receive a handwritten note from us, it really makes an impact," said Brinkmoeller. "Each week our departments take turns writing them."

Even corporate gets involved in delivering this personal service. Dorothy Lane's top five customers, in fact, receive flowers delivered by the company's c.e.o., Norman Mayne. "Our top club member spent $42,000 last year," said Brinkmoeller. "Do you think giving her a discount will really mean anything? But when our c.e.o. shows up with flowers, you bet that makes an impression."
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