Dorothy Lane Deploying Self-Order Deli Kiosks

Dorothy Lane Market, a paragon of high-level service among grocers, is now among the latest operators to give deli self-service kiosks a try.

The three-store independent is starting with an experimental installation in one store of a kiosk made by ADUSA Inc. The kiosk will enable customers to self-order a full range of items from the service deli including meats, cheeses, and party trays.

Dorothy Lane Market is kicking the giving the kiosk a spin to see how the equipment and technology can enhance convenience for some customers. It will also be watching for and measuring any reduction sin the wait time a customer has to spend at the service deli counter.

"Our delis are very busy, and we think this is a great service to offer to our customers," said Patrick Arnold the grocer's director of information technology. "ADUSA's kiosk is very well presented and is very easy to use, so we think our customers will take advantage of the added convenience and enjoy using it at the same time."

According to ADUSA, other clients in the grocery space include Stew Leonard's, Giant Eagle, H.E. Butt, The Kroger Co., Price Chopper, Stater Bros., Sunset Foods, and the Defense Commissary Agency.
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