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Door to Door Organics Opens in New Markets

Online grocer Door to Door Organics has expanded into two new markets, Des Moines, Iowa and Columbus, Ohio, along with additional areas of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colo.

The move comes in the wake of expansions in Milwaukee and Cleveland in the fall of 2014. Deliveries begin the week of Aug. 10 in new areas of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, while deliveries to Des Moines and Columbus will start the week of Sept. 14 and the week of Sept. 28, respectively.

According to Chad Arnold, CEO of Louisville, Colo.-based Door to Door Organics, the e-grocer has particular appeal in areas where "consumers have expressed real interest in the intersection of organic and local food with the latest in delivery technology."

To get started, new customers choose a box size, type of box (either vegetable, fruit or mixed produce) and the frequency of delivery (weekly or biweekly) from the Door to Door Organics website. During the growing season, customers receive regular deliveries of locally grown produce. Door to Door Organics also has a #JoyDelivered guarantee, so customers can be sure that the items they receive are what they would have picked and packed themselves.

Door to Door Organics delivers natural and local food directly to homes and offices in 13 markets and 60 U.S. cities throughout the West, Midwest and East Coast.

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