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Digital Grocery Scorecard Shows Peaks and Valleys for July

Report finds e-commerce represented 12.9% of grocery sales during the month
Emily Crowe, Progressive Grocer
Retailers and Manufacturers Split on Dollar Sales Growth for Rest of Year
The latest online grocery data is available on Incisiv and Wynshop's resource platform Grocery Doppio.

A new report from industry insights firm Incisiv and digital commerce provider Wynshop is taking a look at digital grocery performance for July 2022. The report is part of the companies’ Grocery Doppio platform, a free, independent source of grocery insights and data designed to help grocers jumpstart, accelerate and sustain digital growth.

The “State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard” for July 2022 found that digital grocery sales for the month represented 12.9% of total grocery sales, or a 5.7% increase from the month prior. Digital basket sizes are also increasing, up 1.8% or two items from June to July, making the new average basket size for a digital grocer $75.

While inflation continues to ripple through the grocery industry, the study found that the average price of an item in a digital basket decreased by $0.20 in July. Also on the decline in July was share of third-party sales. Nearly 23% of digital grocery orders went through third-party providers, which represents a decline of 2.3% over the previous month.

“After an inflation-driven dip in digital grocery sales in Q2, it is good to see strong digital growth return once again,” said Gaurav Pant, chief insights officer of both Incisv and Grocery Doppio. “Grocery shoppers’ initial response to inflation — spending less and buying fewer items — seems now to have been replaced with savvier shopping habits. Customers are being more selective about the items they choose and opting to buy directly from grocers rather than through intermediaries.”

“Digital grocery continues to robustly expand, despite the re-opening of physical stores post-pandemic,” said Charlie Kaplan, chief strategy officer at Wynshop. “Counter-intuitive outcomes like this underscore the importance to grocery decision makers of having a regular, highly-reliable source of information so that they can optimize their digital strategy and continue to refine their omni-channel order and fulfillment capabilities.”

Incisiv and Wynshop released a report on Grocery Doppio earlier this month looking at online grocery data from the first half of 2022. In an analysis of more than 1 million shopper orders and survey results from 12,000 shoppers and 1,200 U.S. grocery executives, the companies found that grocers lost $11 billion due to unavailable or unsubstituted items.

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