Diebold Nixdorf Launches AI-Powered Solution to Combat Shrink

Latest smart-vision technology curbs loss related to theft and error while also enhancing produce and alcohol purchase practices
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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Smart vision view
Diebold Nixdorf's new AI-powered solution for self-checkout is designed to prevent loss while helping retailers optimize labor. (Camera view shown here)

Retailers can get a better eye on the thorny problem of shrink at self-checkout with a new AI-enabled vision system from tech provider Diebold Nixdorf. The company has introduced a solution that can help prevent loss without having to replace self-service infrastructure.

The latest offering, called Vynamic Smart Vision 1 Shrink Reduction, complements Diebold Nixdorf’s current AI solutions for fresh produce scanning and age verification for restricted sales and brings solutions to one platform. At the pivotal – and sometimes problematic – point of self-checkout, grocers can use the AI and machine learning technology to help stem common causes of loss, whether due to theft or error. Essentially, the AI autonomously identifies these instances in real-time and, in most cases, enables shoppers to self-correct non-malicious errors through suggested corrected behaviors while directly “blocking” obvious instances of theft. 

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The system cuts down on the need for employee intervention and the practice of random spot checks. Retailers also can control how and when shoppers and associates receive alerts.

“Retailers are committed to innovating, but they want to avoid duplication of efforts and costly implementations. Any new innovation deployed inside stores not only needs to be seamless but must also enhance the customer experience,” explained Matt Redwood, VP, retail technology solutions at Hudson, Ohio-based Diebold Nixdorf. “We designed our new AI-powered offerings based on insights we’ve gained deploying millions of POS and thousands of self-checkouts across the major retailers we work with.”

In addition to reducing shrink, the technology improves the self-checkout experience. The AI-equipped self-checkouts speed up the purchasing of produce that is priced by weight or quantity and also cut down age verification to 10 seconds or less for adult beverage purchases.

The latest self-checkout solutions will be expanded to other service areas, according to Diebold Nixdorf. The company is also working on a host of other AI applications. 

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