'Desperate Housewives' Headline 7Up's 'Supermarket Showdown' Campaign

PLANO, Texas -- 7UP here, hosted an exclusive premiere party in Los Angeles to launch new Cherry and Island Fruit flavors, and premiere a new star-studded advertising campaign. With a supermarket stock boy in tow, Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheridan, stars of the hit TV show, "Desperate Housewives," were on hand to offer a sneak peek at the new 7UP PLUS commercial.

In the "Supermarket Showdown" commercial, the show's leading actors meet and compete in the grocery aisle as they take turns trying to one-up each other with the vast quantities of 7UP PLUS they can load into their shopping carts. The spot ends with a humorous twist, when Cross walks away the victor after topping off her cart with the 7UP PLUS stock boy.

"It was a major victory to walk away with the stock boy, but I've let Nicollette know that I'm willing to share -- the stock boy and my 7UP PLUS, that is," quipped Cross.

"Contrary to popular opinion, I don't always get the guy, but I did manage to get the most 7UP PLUS into my shopping cart,"' added Sheridan.

The new ads were created by Y&R San Francisco and will run on national network and cable television beginning Mon., Aug. 29. Aimed primarily at women ages 25-49, the campaign also includes radio and print advertising. Print advertising is scheduled to break in September in major women's publications.
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