D’Agostino Taps Location-Based Technology to Drive Traffic

D’Agostino Supermarkets is leveraging a new location-based mobile application to drive traffic to its stores.

The grocer has teamed up with Sirculr to provide its shoppers with a mobile experience through the Sirculr app, a location-based mobile application that connects shoppers with stores. Shoppers open the app, and use their current location, or manually enter a zip code, to view a store's Merchant Site. On the Merchant Site, shoppers can view the store's flyer, coupons, and additional information including directions and a link to the store’s website.

“The Sirculr app lets us get on our customers’ phones and be top of mind for them everyday,” said Nick D’Agostino III, president and CEO of D’Agostino Supermarkets. “We are looking forward to all the avenues of service this will open up. We look to delight our customers and be where they want us to be.”

The Sirculr app creates a first mover advantage; once a merchant has purchased a zip code, that zip code is no longer available for another store to claim. With each zip connecting to only one store, the shopper is freed from having to sift through hundreds of store flyers and coupons.

Merchants have full control over their content, and can change their flyer, coupons, address, phone number, and website at any time.

D’Agostino was founded in 1932 and abides by three core principles: quality, service, and innovation.





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