D'Agostino Bagger Contest Moves to the Citywide Phase

The second annual NYC Best Bagger Championship at D'Agostino moves into its second phase tomorrow as finalists from each of its 18 stores go head to head to determine the best grocery packer in the city.

Contestants are judged on speed, bag-building technique, weight distribution between bags, style, attitude, and appearance, the chain said.

The finalists will vie for the title of NYC's Best Bagger. Each store winner will receive $100 D'AG Gift Certificates and 5,000 S&H Green Points, redeemable at any D'Agostino locations or at the Green Points Web site.

In order of store number, the finalists are as follows: Dominque Frazier, Messihia Manning, Elizabeth Cruz, Gina Limehouse, Viseddy Jimenez, Millie Lugo, Beatrice Murray, Shannon Coppadge, Shatemia Mosley, Kathy Pereyra, Shanee Whaley, Lesean Arce-Simmons, Richard Rosario, Yvette Grant, Paul Simpkins, Edie Hidalgo, Jamilia Jones, and Lakisha Andrews.

The winner of tomorrow's contest will be able to compete New York state competition, scheduled for Nov. 7 at the Price Chopper store in Newburgh, N.Y. The statewide winner then travels to the national finals, which are being held in February 2009 at the National Grocers Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas.

Prizes for the overall New York City winner will be a $250 gift certificate, additional Green Points, and a trip to participate in the state finals.

As in the Sept. 25 storewide heats, the contestants will compete in two rounds: paper bags and then plastic or reusable poly bags.
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