Dagoba Rewards 25 Greening Programs

Dagoba Organic Chocolate is giving away $15,000 in donations and 25 Chocolate for Good Kits as part of its annual “Seed the Day” campaign, which aims to promote greening programs.

“From the cacao forests of Costa Rica to urban landscapes in the U.S, we strive to impact people and the environment in a positive way,” said Larissa Rodzianko, brand ambassador for Ashland, Ore.-based Dagoba, a division of Hershey. “We’re committed to the idea that our chocolate can be good for both people and the planet.”

Dagoba is donating $1 for every individual who signs up to learn about community volunteer activities at www.dagobaseedtheday.com or fans Dagoba Organic Chocolate on Facebook. Dagoba’s total donation (up to $15,000) will be distributed evenly among nonprofit partners Openlands, Garden for the Environment and Cascade Land Conservancy.

To further drive change, Dagoba is also holding a “Chocolate for Good” contest to reward individuals who present outstanding community greening project ideas. Anyone can submit an idea online at http://www.dagobaseedtheday.com/ through July 10. Winners will receive prizes including a collection of Dagoba Organic Chocolate, seeds and tools.

Seed the Day is a part of the artisan chocolate maker’s continuing commitment to Full Circle Sustainability -- principles that incorporate quality, ecology, equity and community into every step of the chocolate-making process. The campaign arose from Dagoba’s partnership with the Upala Cacao Cooperative in Upala, Costa Rica, where as many as 240,000 cacao and native trees will be planted over the next four years to enhance economic opportunity, restore native biodiversity and preserve habitat.
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