CSPI’s Accusations of Lax Safeway Recall Procedures False: Safeway

A Safeway spokeswoman said that information revealed yesterday in a press release from the Center for Science in the Public Interest is incorrect, and that the grocer’s procedures of notifying customers of Class I recalls are consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements.

“Safeway voluntarily posts on its Web site recall information concerning private label/Safeway brand products; products sold in our meat, deli, and bakery departments; or products otherwise sold without a supplier/manufacturer label,” Safeway’s Teena Massingill told Progressive Grocer. “Our Web site also directs customers to related government and supplier/manufacturer Web sites pertaining to the recall. Each recall is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether it lends itself to other, additional types of notification. For instance, we have posted recall signs at the point of purchase in our stores, provided customer recall information on cash register receipts, and used Club Card data to telephone our customers regarding recalled product.”

She added: “One size does not fit all. Indeed, less than 50 percent of all grocery retailers even have Club Card programs. We consider the information/data that is available to determine how to best provide recall information to our customers.” The original story about CSPI’s claim can be found here: http://www.progressivegrocer.com/progressivegrocer/content_display/features/health-wellness/e3i8af56baccdd2a1c6146dce26676e1511
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