Cryovac Toughens Up Vacuum Barrier Bag Technology

DUNCAN, S.C. -- Sealed Air's Cryovac Food Packaging here said yesterday that it was introducing an improved vacuum barrier shrink bag for smoked and processed meats, fresh meats, poultry and dairy, that delivers a tougher, tighter package without sacrificing clarity.

Cryovac said the B2000 series bag is ideal for use with a variety of non-abrasive applications such as boneless roast, ham, and cheese. It said the enhanced toughness delivers better performance without the threat of material punctures under normal handling through distribution. The B2000 series bag also offers possible source reduction for processors currently using a heaver gauge bag for slightly more abusive products.

In addition, Cryovac said that due to superior optics, the bag optimizes the natural color and texture of boneless hams, sausages, processed turkey, and other products.

For more information about the Cryovac(r) B2000 series vacuum barrier shrink bag, call 1-800-845-3456 or visit
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