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Coupons by Cell

Zave Networks (, a digital incentive and information management company, and Scanbuy, Inc. (, a provider of mobile barcode solutions, created a partnership to enable consumers to find and redeem coupons using their mobile phones.

The partnership aligns Scanbuy's ScanLife mobile barcode technology -- that allows users to capture a 2D barcode via their camera phones -- and Zavers, Zave’s incentive network that replaces paper coupons with a data-rich platform that digitally links consumers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Here's how it works: A consumer uses the camera on their cell phone to take a picture of a ScanLife 2D Barcode that represents a manufacturer's coupon and that has been placed in an advertisement, billboard or in-store display. The ScanLife application in the phone will automatically launch the customer's browser directly to the Zavers mobile site, which will display the online coupon. From there, customers can save the coupon to their Zavers account, allowing them to redeem it by swiping their existing loyalty card at any participating retailer.

"We are enabling the next generation of discounts and coupons,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, CEO of Scanbuy. “There is enormous growth in the digital incentive market because consumers continue to look for easy and convenient ways to save money, and advertisers look for better measurement of promotional spending."

ScanLife can be used on more than 250 million mobile phones worldwide and supports all major operating systems, including Android, BlackBerry, BREW, iPhone OS, Java, Symbian, and Windows. In addition, the ScanLife application is pre-loaded in certain regions by wireless manufacturers, such as LG, Nokia, and Samsung.