Coupon Use Still Prevalent Among American Consumers

Ninety-five percent of Americans use coupons when shopping, while 73 percent admit to using coupons at least a couple times per month, according to a recent survey conducted by Boston, Mass.-based Linkable Networks.

America is a country of deal seekers and technology enthusiasts, and it is no surprise these two are converging, according to the study. While 78 percent of respondents name the Sunday paper as the source for their coupons, 61 percent also use online sites for coupons and promotion codes. Not surprisingly, age is the biggest factor in determining how a consumer looks for coupons – 85 percent of those 45 or older clip coupons from the Sunday paper, while 69 percent of those age 18-44 search coupon and deal websites or seek coupons on mobile phones.

“Our society continues to be deal savvy,” said Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks. “As we emerge from an unstable economy, I think we all learned the value of stretching the dollar as far as we can and one way to do that is to seek out coupons, promotions and deals. Our research shows that consumers are using multiple sources to simplify and streamline their shopping experience and save money along the way.”

Additional survey findings include:

  • Married people are more likely to use the Sunday paper as their source for coupons (81 percent vs. 75 percent unmarried)
  • Women are more likely than men to search for coupons on coupon and deal websites (67 percent vs. 56 percent men)
  • The majority of Americans surveyed (82 percent) report using some form of plastic, whether debit or credit card, when shopping
  • When shopping, 67 percent of respondents say they check their smart phone to see if there is a better price elsewhere

Linkable Networks, a card-linked offer company, conducts research to determine trends in consumer shopping behavior and purchasing decisions, the prevalence of coupon use and the gaining momentum of mobile devices.

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