Copper River Salmon Season Set to Open May 17

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Copper River Salmon Season Set to Open May 17


With the countdown on for the much-celebrated opening of the Copper River wild salmon season set for May 17, the delicious fish will be easier than ever to find this year with the new Copper River Salmon Locator app.

By logging on to, shoppers can FIND IT by simply inputting their location (city, address or zip code) or TAG IT if they want to share the name and address of a grocery store or restaurant that carries Copper River salmon with other salmon lovers. In addition to helping shoppers find their way to Copper River salmon, the app will also help the region’s fishermen connect with where their product is being sold.

In addition, retailers carrying Copper River Salmon this season can take advantage of this free promotion by adding their locations to the app or by contacting the Copper River Marketing/Prince William Sound Marketing Association directly.

Tracing 300-miles of rugged Alaska wilderness, the Copper River is one of the longest and most challenging salmon migrations in the world. The arduous journey made by Copper River King and Sockeye salmon requires these magnificent fish to carry extra stores of fat, rich in healthy Omega 3s, giving each salmon the superb flavor and texture prized by everyone from home cooks to world-class chefs.

Like all seafood from Alaska, Copper River salmon are always wild, natural and sustainable.

"Copper River Salmon comes from an untouched environment that keeps producing the finest salmon in the world," says Brian Rutzer, who has been fishing the Copper River for 20 years onboard his 32’ boat, the Controller Bay.

Copper River King, the largest and most sought after of all Pacific salmon species, run through the end of June. Sockeye, which makes up the heart of the Copper River commercial salmon harvest, run through the end of July. The naturally high oil content, brilliant color, and firm texture make Copper River salmon perfect for preparations and pairings that let its succulent flavor shine through.

Following stronger than anticipated King and Sockeye harvests in 2011, this year’s Copper River forecast is for a harvest of 20,000 Kings and 1.43 million Sockeye.

Retailers can follow the news of the season by visiting the Alaska's fish and game homepage or the Copper River Salmon marketing organization's facebook page.