Consumers Undeterred from Organics, Despite Economy: Survey

Consumers remain very interested in purchasing environmentally friendly items and organic food, in spite of a sluggish economy and rising food and energy costs, according to a market research survey by Mambo Sprouts Marketing.

The majority of shoppers that are making green practices a priority, are pinching pennies by using coupons, stocking up on sales, and cooking meals at home to make their dollars go further.

The survey showed that about nine in 10, or 88 percent of, consumers reported buying the same amount or more of eco-friendly products vs. six months ago. About six in 10 still want to spend up to 20 percent more for sustainable items. Only one in six, or 17 percent, of respondents said they were buying fewer natural and organic foods.

According to the survey, fuel prices are prompting people to shop closer to home and combine trips.

Natural and organic consumers are saving money by relying more on coupons and sales; preparing more meals at home; wasting less; making more vegetarian meals; and buying less bottled water, opting instead for filtered and tap.

Money-saving issues of interest to two in three consumers included locating healthy coupons and offers online (77 percent), saving money on organic products (74 percent), and healthy children's meals and snacks (65 percent of families), the survey found. Consumer commitment to green and organic products is the result of increased media attention and awareness of the health and environmental advantages of buying organic, locally produced, sustainable food, noted Collingswood, N.J. Mambo Sprouts.

The company conducted the survey in April, with 1,000 natural and organic consumers participating.
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