Consumer Health is Grocery’s Lifeline

Flashy claims’ health halo is dimming. The increasing pursuit of overall health and wellness is evident in pre-shop behaviors and a growing reliance on retail dietitians and in-store pharmacists, not to mention the additional 20 million Americans with health insurance since 2010.

Health and wellness is a complex quest for shoppers, and it’s baffling to retailers. To provide insight and answers, Progressive Grocer has developed “Courting Today’s Health-Oriented Shopper,” a half-day symposium at Path to Purchase Expo (P2PX), which will take place in September.

Andrew Mandzy, Director of Strategic Insights at Nielsen, will present new research that defines health-and-wellness drivers and opportunities among key demographic segments. Mandzy identifies shopping patterns and emerging trends that are helping shoppers make their purchasing decisions. Attendees will learn how some categories are being redefined and messaging that resonates with shoppers.

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert addresses what health and wellness looks like at the store level, through the shoppers’ eyes and those of retail dietitians on the front lines. According to Lempert, retail really can “inspire, educate and empower” people to eat healthier and live better lives.

A double session will address the importance of transparency for both consumers and the grocery retail industry. Michael Forhez, global VP of 1WorldSync, provides an overview of some of the tough questions consumers are asking and how these judgments will affect – and perhaps determine the viability of – brands throughout the grocery store. This high-energy presentation will explore the types of decisions shoppers make and the critical elements behind transparency initiatives.

Forhez will then moderate a panel of industry executives to review what’s at stake for the industry and the importance of getting ahead of issues important to shoppers. Panelists include Jim Flannery, senior EVP, Grocery Manufacturers Association; Kyle McKillop, IT manager, Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, University of Maryland; Dave Bennett, SVP of procurement and exclusive brands, IGA; and Rick Davis, VP and global lead, Office of Data Acquisition and Governance, Kellogg Co.

Joan Driggs, editorial director of Progressive Grocer, will host the half-day symposium. For more information,and to register for the event, visit

P2PX takes place Sept. 20-22 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, in Rosemont, Ill. The event delivers the full experience: a stellar educational program (four symposiums, two keynotes, 48 seminars), plus a curated trade show floor with 130 exhibitors and the Design of the Times Gallery. Every aspect is focused on solutions, trends and insights that drive sales and create an improved shopper experience all along the path to purchase.

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