Complying with New Meat Labeling Rules

To help grocers understand the ramifications of the USDA’s new mandatory meat labeling rule, Hobart Corp. has created a white paper that explains the types and cuts of meat and poultry that are affected and what labeling actions a grocer needs to take to be compliant.

The new rule -- “Nutrition Labeling of Single-Ingredient Products and Ground or Chopped Meat and Poultry Products” -- requires nutrition information for 40 of the most popular cuts of single-ingredient raw meat and poultry products be available directly on product labels or at the point of purchase.

USDA/FSIS intends to collect samples of ground product at retailers for nutrient analysis, as well as to assess whether nutrition information is available for the major cuts either on package labels or at the point of purchase.

Grocers may face challenges as they comply with the new rule. It is thus very important that they understand the rule, their options for achieving compliance, and the actions needed to ensure that they are compliant by January 1, 2012. The key is forming a compliance plan then taking action sooner than later to make it happen.

Grocers can download the free white paper, “New Mandatory Meat-Case Nutrition Labeling Rule,” and the “Hobart Guide to Mandatory Nutrition Labeling” in the Resources section of Hobart's website.

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