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Coalition: Enough With Cigarette Taxes

TRENTON, N.J. - Raising cigarette taxes will only lead to broader tax increases across all categories, according to the Enough Already Coalition, a group of New Jersey convenience store operators, retail trade associations, and tobacco companies.

A full-page ad that ran in the Star-Ledger newspaper this week with the headline "Raising the cigarette tax is just the beginning," and showing a line of dominoes warned of the dangers of higher cigarette taxes. The ad says New Jersey's proposed $19.00 a carton cigarette tax will be the highest in the nation, and prompt people to buy cigarettes online or out of state. As a result, the government will collect less tax, and be forced to raise taxes on other items to make up for the lost revenue. The Enough Already Coalition urges readers to call their elected officials and tell them they oppose tax increases.

The ad was paid for by Enough Already Coalition member Philip Morris. Other members include the New Jersey Food Council's Convenience Store Council, New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association, New Jersey Restaurant Association, New Jersey Retail Merchants Association, New Jersey Wholesale Marketers Association, convenience store operator Wawa Inc., and RJ Reynolds.
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