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For those who appreciate homemade pasta sauce but don’t have the time to make it, New York-based American Roland Food Corp. has bowed the artisanal, authentic Don Bruno product line, which features sweet whole peeled Italian tomatoes and other premium ingredients. Varieties of the all-natural, gluten-free, certified kosher sauce are Marinara, made with fresh basil, garlic, onions and a dash of extra-virgin olive oil; Vodka, which incorporates the rich flavors of Parmesan and Romano cheeses; Sicilian Gravy, offering a thicker, smoother take on the Marinara recipe; and Arrabbiata, a spicier version of the Marinara offering, thanks to the addition of crushed red pepper. A 25-ounce jar retails for a suggested $8.25. For further information, visit or call (800) 221-4030.
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