City Market Gets Energy-efficient Lighting Upgrade

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City Market Gets Energy-efficient Lighting Upgrade


City Market/Onion River Co-op has teamed with Digital Lumens, developer of the industry's first Intelligent Lighting System, and Leading Edge Design Group, a national provider of energy optimization services on an energy efficient lighting upgrade for the Burlington, Vt.-based 16,000-square-foot community-owned food cooperative, which is the city’s only downtown grocery store. Burlington Electric provided the project incentive.

The system rollout is expected to drastically cut lighting operating and maintenance costs, and result in savings of almost 100,000 kilowatt-hours of energy annually, the equivalent of more than 64 tons of carbon. City Market installed the Digital Lumens Intelligent Light Engines (LED-based fixtures with embedded controls) into the shopping areas and employs LightRules (central lighting and energy management software) to configure light levels and monitor energy usage.

“The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System installed by Leading Edge Design Group is delivering dramatic cost savings and decreasing our energy usage, while also giving us accurate data on lighting energy consumption store,” said City Market facilities manager Brent Demers. “With LightRules, we have accurate information on just how much energy we’re using, which helps us manage our overall consumption. In addition, numerous customers have complimented us on quality of light, meaning that we're saving energy and making our customers happy. That's a successful project.”

"The combination of our energy optimization services and Digital Lumens's innovative LED-based Intelligent Lighting System has helped City Market achieve its sustainability goals while decreasing costs and enhancing the customer experience,” added Gary Hubbard, energy efficiency program manager at Enfield, N.H.-based Leading Edge Design Group.

“This deployment brings the benefits of our Intelligent Lighting System to retail environments,” noted Mike Feinstein, VP of sales and marketing for Boston-based Digital Lumens. “The combination of lighting quality as well as cost savings driven by improved operational efficiency makes our system a great solution for a variety of environments.”

Further benefits of the City Market lighting upgrade include improved product presentation as a result of brighter, cleaner light; increased produce and meat shelf life, as LEDs don’t produce damaging UV rays or excess heat; less air conditioning needed, because the solution generates much less heat than the legacy lights; and a considerable reduction in maintenance cost and downtime.